Basement Bars

If you’re considering adding a basement bar, call us today for a free in home design and construction estimate for your basement bar!

If you’re the entertainer kind, you might want to think about building a basement bar. Throwing parties using your full service bar with the ease of being at home isn’t just practical, but a lot of entertaining. This type of inclusion surely creates additional space that is useful and increased value to your home. And of course, you are planning to quite popular! Here is a listing of a couple things to consider along with your basement bar:

Music. Bars are meant for entertainment, meaning friends, great drinks, and good music. Surround sound is a great alternative to get a basement to make sure the music is balanced, not too loud, but merely enough to give a background that is great setting. We could work together with you to carefully order speakers throughout the space and hide the wires to prevent installing speakers directly in the wall. Our electricians are skilled and certified to help you create the best surround system which will not distract your guests from the celebration that is real.

Televisions. What can possibly be getting together with friends and family to see the championship game all while enjoying excellent food and cold beverages? There are several choices for televisions as well as our design team could assist you to choose on the most effective size and kind for the space. Projectors can also be a fantastic choice with respect to the size of the area as well as your budget. Taking this approach enables your basement bar to double as a theatre also.

Chairs and Flooring. Our design team has access to countless resources to help you get the correct type of bar stools and other furniture items to be sure they match with layout and the bar’s motif. We’ll want to make sure we keep the space open and friendly rather than overly cluttered or busy. Our designers will work together with you to discover where basement carpeting is suitable and where it’s not.

The Bar. Each bar will need to get appliances such as a fridge to keep all the beverages and snacks chilly. We’ll also want to contain an ice machine installed behind the bar coupled with a small sink for easy clean up.