Basement Construction

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We provide professional basement remodeling and renovation services through the O’Fallon area. We will transform that space that is after unlivable right into a beautiful extension of your property! Here are several of the things we can do to help you!

259045_origIt’s a big decision whether or not to possess the basement built in your home. There are quite a few things to consider in regards to basement construction in general and we could ensure you, we know exactly what things to do. Naturally we’ll need a well recognized plan for the basement which will include measurements patterns, and drawings. At this stage our crews can take actions add in additional plumbing to eliminate old components, if necessary, and even update relocate the basement and ductwork piping and add to electrical systems.

As for the price of finishing basement, we will work with you to determine the targets of the renovation and so what can be achieved with your given budget. You are able to expect us to assist you each step of the way to guarantee the success of the renovation, if additional work comes up throughout the remodeling phase. We will help you to manage each step of the remodeling phase from the incomplete basement thoughts, remodeling and designing a basement, and then the actual basement construction.

As a way to produce the basement whatever you would like it to be, we’ll must thoroughly understand that which you really would like the basement to be and that which you don’t need. We value straight talk and honesty! A happy customer is that which we strive for on each job website so please don’t be bashful. We realize that this will be a substantial investment on your part and you want to work hard to make this a win-win for all parties involved.

As we go through the building procedure, we’ll double check that all places have already been adequately waterproofed and that we’ve had the opportunity to remove any obstructions. In this way, we could ensure our crews throughout the construction phase and the security of you. To plan ahead for the future, out crews could make sure that the proper cooling and warming measures have been taken. Basements, notably walkout basements are vulnerable to fluctuations in temperature throughout the year. As a way to maintain a comfortable temperature and living state, having the proper HVAC set up and air ducts will go a long ways to properly control airflow.

Our construction teams will work and are highly trained with this phase of the remodeling procedure and just adhere to the highest of our industry’s standards. We understand that we are guests in your house and as such, we’ll honor the rules of the house and we know you’ll be satisfied with the results of the construction!