Basement Design

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We offer professional basement remodeling and renovation services throughout the O’Fallon, MO area. We will transform that unlivable space into an attractive extension of your home! Here are some of the things we can do for you!

O’Fallon, MO Basement Design Services

Whether you’re appearing to turn that basement into a new home theater or a living space for guests, it is important to be able to optimize your design plan to maintain a few things in mind.

1- Basement Lighting. Since basements tend to be darker compared to the remaining part of the home which occasionally can present a challenge in terms of lighting. For example, glass fixtures can be used in windows and doors.

2- The Basement Plan. We’ll need to make the basement a multi-functional room that will give you the capability to investigate many ideas on which to do with all the basement. Basements tend to be a favorite spot for entertaining, notably with watching films. This really is common sense and also a bright choice for most people because of the natural light of the room.

3- Picking the correct colors. Our interior designers will work together with you on this area. Which color do you go with? Are you aware that lighter colors often make a room appear larger than it surely is? Based on that which you intend related to the space, the colors will make an important impact.

4- Basement pipes. Before a basement renovation, they aren’t consistently the most aesthetically pleasing rooms in the house. Ducts, open pipes, and water heaters are normal to view. We’ll desire to be certain that these items could be readily hidden and if not, we’ll set a strategy together to adapt them naturally to the space.

5- Waterproofing. Certainly one of the top things you will read when doing research how to finish a basement is really to make sure that the basement isn’t leaking water. Fix the leak to keep major problems down the road including mold, damage to basement carpeting, walls, and insects to name some, if it’s leaking water. The basement is in reality the lowest point of the home so naturally water and spills will congregate to it. The water escapes will need to be repaired before any of the basement building begins along with the basement should be dry. Ensure that materials you decide for the remodeling job will also be waterproof. You could pay a little more initially, but over the life span of the basement, you will save a significant amount of not to mention headaches and money.