Basement Renovation

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Renovating your basement might sound like a pipe dream, but we’re here to tell you this can be your new reality! How do you know when it’s time for a thorough basement renovation? Consider this, finishing your basement will increase the square footage of your home and drive up the value of your home. Talk about a sound investment. Not only that, but you’ll likely have a newfound popularity with family and friends! Is there a perfect time to renovate your basement? How much will it cost? Can we really afford a finish basement cost? These are all likely questions you might ask when thinking of remodeling your basement. To help you best determine the timing that works with your schedule, here are a few tell tale signs that might push you over the edge and pull the trigger.

Water leaks. A common reason for basement renovation is because there are repairs and problems that need to be fixed. If you have found water leaks and damage the water has caused, this is typically a good time to consider basement remodelers before the damage and the inevitable hit to your checking account gets worse.

You want more space. Let’s face it, if you have a family, your children will grow and they need space. You realize you need more if it or a new home. Before you put that home up for sale, consider searching for basement remodeling st Louis and you’ll hopefully find and hire STL Basement Remodeling.

Increase your home’s value. There is no doubt that when a basement is renovated correctly, it will increase the value of the home. This is one of the most popular reasons people will consider remodeling their basement, especially if selling the home is a priority.

Generate additional income. One way to increase your income is by completing a basement renovation. A newly renovated basement can be an attractive rental property for a family in your area. If you choose not to rent it out, it can be used as a dedicated office space for your next work at home gig or business.

Storage space wanted. The basement is a natural choice for storage especially when the garage storage is encroaching upon the car’s space. You can create plenty of space with a well organized storage system in your basement.

Something new, something unique. Maybe you have an interest in creating something truly unique that can only be found at your home. Call it a basement bar, home office, man cave, or even photography studio, we can help you design the basement of your dreams and then make it come to life.